TurtleTec Inc. is a Software Development Company, focused on delivering great web applications and developing new products. We are full of passionate developers who love their craft. We got eight plus years of experience in the business. We have developed custom Web Application for many business organizations in many different Industries. This experience has led us to a deep understanding of what makes software projects successful. Most of our work comes from word of mouth - we simply create sites that maximize your company's potential. Our team are all experts in their field - we employ only the best developers and designers. If you would like to discuss your project, then please get in touch.


TurtleTec Inc. offers excellent services for Web design,Web Development, Brand Identity, Online Promotion, Android Applications and in .Net. Our teams of skilled and experienced members put all their efforts to make your work done with 100% accuracy.

Static Website designing + Hosting

Static simply means that the information or 'code' that makes up the website doesn't change. We offered Complete Static website with Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Design.

The main factors which we consider while making static website design :

Perfect Design Interface
Fast Downloading
Perfect Design Interface
Email System
Overall Consistent Designs
Browser Compatibility
Search Engine Friendly Navigation

Dyanmic Website + Hosting

Dynamic Web pages are capable of producing different content for different visitors from the same source code file. The website can display different content based on what operating system or browser the visitor is using, whether User is using a PC or a mobile device.

The main factors which we consider while making static website design :

Responsive WebSite (Mobile Friendly)
5 Pages(Home,Aboutus,Services,Contactus,Products or Image Gallary)
Email System
Search Engine Friendly Navigation
Browser Compatibility
Admin Panel

E-Commerce Website Development Services

E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the Internet. We Develop eCommerce website with Responsive (Mobile Friendly)

We have multiple skills to provide a great user experience and guide you through building:

Online Store
Shopping Cart
Payment gateway
Product management
Search Engine Friendly Navigation
Customer accounts
Reviews on Products & their ratings
E-mail notifications

Android Applications

We believe in developing mobile applications that create an impact and truly matter. We understand the need for an app to be engaging, visually appealing, and business centric all at the same time . Our main strength lies in our skilled resources armed with the exceptional use of technology.

Having developed applications for various industries, our professionals are efficient in utilizing scope of android:

Developing Android applications at an incredible price.
Accurate and user friendly applicaion
Each application can export functionality, in the system, for use in other applications.
Android application framework consists of higher level services such as content providers, Notification manager and Activity manager.

Web Application

Web apps are more powerful than ever! Automate, Scale, Entertain, Educate TurtleTec Inc has been building web applications for over a decade, from automation to education we have built solutions for practically every type of industry out there

Custom Web Application Development
Startup Software Development
Real-Time Data Processing
Multiple Platform Support

Membership Card Solution

Personalized customer membership cards with photos make it easy to identify members who are entitled to special privileges and services. Adding bar codes, smart card chips or magnetic stripes to plastic membership cards provide convenient access control to various facilities and help enable other capabilities.

Special Access
Advance Authontication
Unique Identity